Friday, October 31, 2008

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

This is based on a nightmare that stuck with me for many years. I believe that this was brought on in part from watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Other parts of that dream involved an evil viking with flaming eyes, and a mine-cart ride through/over hot lava. What kid's nightmare is complete without lava??

Happy Halloween!


chrystal said...

that's so nasty (but cool drawing)! i haaatee maggots. we once had a bug infestation (the small brown ones that fly. they enjoy eating flour, cake mix, corn starch stuff.) and one of their maggot babies was crawling on the ceiling and fell on my hair. my mom said "don't move chrystal!" and I could feel it squirming in my hair and of course i shook it out and it fell on the kitchen table, wriggling around. a NASTY and unforgettable feeling. oh yea, I've been doing pretty good w/gallery (i guess jehan told you)...getting a painting is all in the timing of checking my website : P? but production has slowed down dramatically 'cause of school. Next year I'm going to have a huge load of paintings though 'cause I'll be a featured artist at the Hive in Sept(need to make a LOT!) and a few are due in May for Gallery 1988. Hows work?? I bet you're still making awesome stuff!

Jesse Lee said...

your last 2 posts are causing me to be scared in a good way.

*i also don't like maggots that fall from above.

Nigel Li said...

man, im really starting to see what goes on in your head. hahaha, freaky!