Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Video Roundup 4.17.12

Today I was loving these two videos. The first is a video by Niki & The Dove for the song "Tomorrow." The second is the viral video for the David 8 android in the upcoming film Prometheus. There's just way too much awesome happening here.

Angry Mullet

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ralph Tribute

A small watercolor painting of long-haired Yoda and shirtless Luke on Dagobah based on one of Ralph McQuarrie's iconic paintings for Empire Strikes Back. If you happen to be at ILM, you can see this and other tribute works from a variety of artists displayed humbly among a sampling of amazing original work Ralph did for the Star Wars movies over the years.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Digital Domain to Allow Students to Pay to Work on Feature

The VFX community is buzzing about this story regarding students at the Florida Digital Domain subsidy "Tradition Studios" paying to work on a feature animation. The whole idea gets my blood boiling. The thrust of Digital Domain's argument is that students will build their resumes and learn on the job industry training that will help them in the future. The whole idea is troubling for several reasons, but mainly because it is unethical to not only not pay workers their minimum wage as required by law, but also disguise grind work as teaching and ask student to pay for it. John Textor claims that it "looks" like they are taking advantage of students when they are not. I say, if it walks like a duck...

Here are the comments in question from Cartoon Brew