Monday, November 17, 2008

Bee Warrior Revision

This is the most recent version of this piece. I kept looking at the last version, thinking, "what's missing here?" I wanted to up the drama and accentuate the diseased nature of the rat. Hopefully this has more of the "epic showdown" feel I wanted. Part of what caused this is I found a dead rat in a park in Portland with a wasp in its mouth while I was visiting my friend recently. There were all sorts of inspiring natural wonders at the park, but looking at the wet, dead rat face to face gave me a feeling that was very different that the one in my piece. I snapped a shot, and when I returned to San Jose got to work. It was a fine line between disgusting and interesting, but I think it helped.


Ariel Alvarez said...

I thought the last one looked good as it was but after looking at this one, the new one is cooler. You should post the dead rat pic! do it now.

Dan Westerman said...

This is pretty sweet. The rat looks more sinister and nasty here. The bee reminds me of an episode of Dr. Who I saw a while ago, but yours is way cooler.

jehan said...

yo jp thanks for the compliments again =P

i love the clouds in this new version, and the rat is lookin a lot more badass and battle damaged. i think it's like 98% close to being in spectrum 16!