Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I have had this concept in my head for around two years in various incarnations. It feels good to have a piece to show for it! I can't give out too much of the story because it's currently still in flux, but I wanted to post this image to sort of up the pressure to finish the idea.

I tend to get a lot of ideas, but seldom find the time to pursue them with the gusto that I would want. This piece is merely a thought that sparked a story I am currently working on. My girlfriend Kristel insists that I actually get out the whole story and do more paintings for it instead of zipping around to some other ideas. I think she is right.


Jesse Lee said...

ahh, yes..here she is.

looking good, dude.

jehan said...

those grass shards have to be some of the best grass shards i've ever seen!

and i've seen many a grass shard

burning the midnite oils i see!

Dada Hyena said...

Soon to be an IMAX experience with Angelina Jolie as the Wasp Woman and Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of the Rat!

Nikki Lukas said...

just amazing, you definately have many ideas!

jehan said...

yo thx JP. you must post your new work! I know you have some!!!