Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mars Fever

The Seasons project is officially on hold. I have my idea, I'm ready to go, just. not. excited. The thing about personal work is that it's done late in the night or in spare moments, so if it becomes a chore that tends to show up in the work. I want to do the project, but as readers of this blog have probably figured out,  I often mash ideas into one another or just let them sit and get dusty. Sometime I miss them, sometimes not. I have wanted to do something with seasons for years. I also wanted to do something with 1984 for years, and that just popped up one day, so who can tell?

I can say that I'm pretty fired up about another idea I have wanted to do for years: do one illustration per story for every story in Ray Bradbury's masterful The Martian Chronicles. It will probably take a while, especially since I'm going to do it in strictly traditional media (watercolor and acrylic). No timetables, but that will be my focus for a while.

While I'm getting all nostalgic about my 90's childhood impressions of 1950's impressions of Mars, here are some tunes that have inspired my art recently:

Against Me! - White Crosses (Album)
Brandon Flowers - Crossfire (Single)
MGMT - Congratulations (Album)
Van Halen - Van Halen (Album)
The Dead Weather - Sea of Cowards (Album)
The Arcade Fire - The Suburbs/Month of May 12" Single

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