Thursday, July 29, 2010

Martian Chronicles: The Beginning/Cobwebs

Every project has to start somewhere. This is where this one begins. I re-read The Martian Chronicles and I didn't really take notes. I just let the images come and let the stories wash over me. I was surprised to find how bleak and sad the stories were. I don't know what my mind did to the old memories I had from reading it years and years ago, but it felt different this time (still awesome!!) Perhaps I am different since the story remains the constant here...

After letting it stew for a bit, I did this quick little sketch on a whim. I wanted to see if I could remember what the Martians were like without going to the source material. I remember words like "gold coin eyes" and that the Martians were thin. I wanted the character to have a curious but strong demeanor. I think I had the second story in mind when I did this drawing, the Martian anticipating the first rocket's arrival.

Going back to the story, there are some things I need to revisit, and the drawing itself leaves something to be desired. Still, it's a start! The first story is called "Rocket Summer." I'll post more on that soon along with other exploratory drawings of Martians, rockets, etc.

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