Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Neptune Great Beast

This is a concept sketch I did for one of the giants of Neptune. This creature trolls the gassy layer of the planet gathering nutrients with the absorbing tentacle-like formations in its mouth. It has small eyes since it spends most of it's time in the hazyness of the gas, but they can move independently of one another. The creature spends most of its time gliding about, searching for the richest methane deposits. The next piece I'm working on will show the ship from the previous post coming into contact with this behemoth.

These are the quick sketches I was exploring in order to find the creature I thought would be right for this part of Neptune.


Aidan Casserly said...

I'm guessing you were lookingat deep-sea life forms when you were desgining these (anglerfish, oarfish, etc), which makes sense since it's a similar environment. Speaking as a self-inflated 'monster zoologist', I kinda' feel like Lovecraft beasties have been done to death (especially since the dawning of the Playstation Age). Depending on the monster's role in the story, you could try something that's a bit more 'appeal'; not appeal as in cute or cuddly or let's make a Pixar movie out of it. I really recommend the monsters of Harryhausen and Tsuburaya. Harryhausen's beasts, even the more abstract ones, always, always had an 'inviting' quality to them (granted they were surrounded by wooden human actors, but that's what made them Star Wars Prequels popular, eh?). Tsuburaya's creatures are slightly more whimsical, but maybe that's another direction to take your story (check out the monsters in Ultraman and UltraSeven). I don't know if I've made a single good point in this rant or just feel like wasting time talking about critters, but hey, it's not like I'm an expert on much else. Spaceship critiques? Make'em look like boobs! Oy!

John-Paul Balmet said...

Thanks for the informative post Aidan. I always welcome your monster advice! I agree that the tentacled creepster look has been done. I am trying to take the beast I selected in a direction that is part krill-screening whale, part anemone, and part weird neptune beast (that's the hard part). I think I could tweak what I have more, so I will definitely explore some more options.