Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Work Doodle

I was not feeling it at work today (I'm on for another two months) so I did a quick sketch for the Creation Engines blog. The theme was assassins and serial killers. I originally did a whole thing on serial killers, but that started to creep me out, and I only did one quick painting for that. I may explore this guy more at a later date, especially since he is not very creatively designed in his current state.

My immediate thoughts for this assassin was a marksman, so I did a modified version of a tactical suit mixed with a target shooting vest. He is supposed to have an airgun for silent poison dart shots, but I think I want to work on the gun some more. I just discovered the word assassin originated as an arabic word for "hashish eater." I might play with that since the original assassins were possibly drug users (some scholars claim this to be incorrect), that opens up a totally fresh world of ideas.

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Andy Balmet said...

Painting me again... oh jp. You shouldn't have.