Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blast from the Past: Clone Wars Concept Art

There was a panel at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim where some previously unseen concept art for the Clone Wars was revealed. I had a couple images in the slideshow. It was good to see the unused Ahsoka design; her post padawan getup was a fun challenge.

The outfit ended up very eclectic. I even got to do a Kaminoan tribute to Hokusai on the arm band callout and a wolf-themed knife. I had no idea what a Star Wars knife was supposed to look like, so that took some tinkering.

What can I say about the Padme ship nose art? When I read in the script that the Bad Batch Clone Troopers had it on their ship and that Anakin would see it, I cracked up. I'm sorry the episodes were never finished, but the work lives on. Much more concept work from my wonderful design friends is on the website. Check it out!


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