Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ward Kimball on Mars

Here is a gem from the past. Disney Animator and Genius Ward Kimball directed this exploration of what Mars could be. The curiosity rover has yet to find anything like these imaginative creatures, but I love the pure weirdness of the ideas. Pure inspiration! It's hard to imagine any major studio funding something like this today.


Andy Balmet said...

Wow. Super weird! Thanks for sharing that.

Green Morning said...

This reminds me of The Fantastic Planet, an animated French film from the 70s. I love stuff like this! Thanks for sharing

John-Paul Balmet said...

Thanks for checking it out guys. I really love the little Disney shorts they used to do. The subject matter varied from fairy tale Mickey adaptations like the Brave little tailor and Jack and the Beanstalk to the "instructional" Goofy videos, to these Ward Kimball pieces that showcased science and learning.

It's Cartoon Network, PBS Kids and the discovery channel rolled into one. I just wish someone would have the bravery to be this creative and diverse today. There are lots of great shorts made all over the world today, but no one company does it all anymore.