Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Static Notes

Static was the culmination of a few short stories I have played with over the last couple years. I wanted to do a whole story from beginning to end in some format on the blog, but I procrastinated out of fear and laziness. During one of my random sketch doodles I found an image that seemed to work with the premise of two characters lost in a snowy, dangerous world. The other posts sprung from there and borrowed elements from my other stories. The goal with Static was merely to tell a story using clear visuals and minimal dialogue. I am very glad that I have the whole thing up here and done, and I know I want to play with more ideas soon. I still haven't dialed in how much writing I need versus how much I need to show visually, and I still have to play with things like narrative voice.

I really appreciate people's encouraging comments along the way. Thanks everyone! It's great to know someone is watching. Now, on to the next idea!


Andy Balmet said...

Well, I enjoyed it.

Delton Demarest said...

It was great to pop in and see the story progress, and for fans of any sci-fi genre, or graphic novel, you wanted to know what happened next. Great and inspiring to both writers and artists.

John-Paul Balmet said...

Awesome, glad you guys enjoyed it! I want to focus on more narrative art, so this was a sort of litmus test. I'm working on a bigger story project that should take up most of the year, so I may not post much in the way of web stories like STATIC for a while. Afterwards, I would like to do something similar though. I like the spontaneity and the episodic nature of the blog format.