Monday, January 21, 2008

Jumping Point

This is a very early jumping point for a character I am designing. She is supposed to look a little younger than this, and I need to push the design into the avant-garde. I know some of the design elements are relatively cliche, so I will really have to consider how exactly I will give her a "futuristic" look that actually works. The color for this painting was okay in the face, but the scarf and jacket were very saturated in an unappealing set of hues. I decided to make it more analogous.

This is a hybrid of acrylic and photoshop. I was trying to get as much color in there as possible and avoid "object painting".


Aidan Casserly said...


Adam_Pintek said...

dude, i miss u man!
how's all the crap going?

Adam_Pintek said...

and your art is lookin crazy good!