Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Photobash Demo

I was showing an intern how to quickly create variants based on zbrush sculpts today, and he mentioned not having zbrush. I said, "you should download sculptris. It's free, and it can get you pretty far with just a quick sculpt screen shot and a photo."

"Really? What do you mean?"

I spent the next two minutes busting out a quick sculpt. It was super gross, but had enough to set up a base for a photo set on "overlay" blending mode. I spent about another minute looking for the photo, one that would fit the angle of the sculpt with a little nudging. This is, of course, no secret to many working concept artists and students, but what the intern said after I overlaid an ape over the sculpt was:

"Well, if it's that easy it takes a lot of the magic away."

I feel very much the same, but in an industry such as entertainment, where time is money, there is no faster way to knock out an idea that doesn't look "hand drawn."

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