Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Assassin Rough Concepts

Here are some of the cult assassin concepts I did for the Hoard of the Dragon Queen Dungeons & Dragons book that came out last month. There were a lot of ideas that we tossed around, but we eventually settled on a stealthy dark look that you see here. These sketches were done very quickly and were used to inform the artists that created the interior illustrations for the book. I did not do any of those illustrations, but I do have some upcoming pieces in the Monster Manual, and those should be available for posting soon.


Taylor Lambert said...

These are great... I really dig the top right version..gnarly!

John-Paul Balmet said...

Thanks Taylor. I think Wizards liked that option too. The upper colored versions are the ones they selected. I'm not sure how many of them they are using though. I did see a sketch in the book of one of them with a dragon mask on.