Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rejected Story Comp

This was supposed to be a comp for the next story, but I ditched it for another composition I am working on that has more movement and centers on the story better. Something nagged me about the piece while I was doing it. I started to get frustrated. I briefly considered doing a different piece, but I just kept working (classic art sin--don't succumb to the sunk-cost fallacy!)

I thought, "Hmm, the shapes are okay...but something is not right..."

I fussed and fussed...but the thing that bothered me was skillfully made clear by my wife, who said, "You know, you might want to get in there at eye level with the characters, since the story is about them."

Right on the money. As they used to say at work:


I am really glad I got to the root of the issue instead of fooling myself into thinking this was appropriate. In any case, I still like it as a comp, so here it is. A bit too Star Wars...old habits die hard ;)

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