Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Creature Feature

I'm in the middle of a portfolio revamp, and I'm doing some new designs. Here are some ideas for three new creatures. They don't have interesting names yet, only descriptive names that serve as jump-off points like:

Hairy Deer Lizard
Alien Mega Vulture
Egg Sack Crawler

I still have to take these further before they are ready to finish. This is just the first exploratory ideation phase. If some of these turn out, I might incorporate them into some of my stories in the future. Sometimes it's good to let the visuals inspire a story instead of the other way around.


Andy Balmet said...

I love the names so far.

Chris Ocampo said...

these are awesome

John-Paul Balmet said...

Heh, thanks guys. I think I'm going to just turn the selected characters into full illustrations instead of character designs. I'll see if I can get more story in there...put them in a world. That seems more fun!