Saturday, June 23, 2012

Paris in June

Here are some photographs I clicked when I was in Paris and the surrounding area a few weeks ago. This was my first trip to Europe. Paris is one of the great cities of the world, so there's most likely no photo that I could take that hasn't been taken. Still, I was very inspired by the sights on the streets, on the farms, and in the countryside.


jehan said...

oo we're goin soon too.. what hotel did u stay at and was it any good? what airline?

John-Paul Balmet said...

Hey Jehan! Long-time-no-see! The lodging situation...hmmn. I can't really speak to what hotel to stay in because I stayed with friends in Montmartre at their house. I would say my favorite part of the whole trip was just chilling out in that neighborhood.

Airline. We took Airfrance. The trip over was cramped and uncomfortable, but the trip back was great. Both ways the food was way better than the American flights serve.

Sooooo, any news on that fairytale book?!

jehan said...
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jehan said...

Ah cool man, we just booked airfrance :p I guess I'll just look forward to the flight back then, haha. Montmartre is my most anticipated place to visit.. you're so lucky! Good to know there will been airline food haha.. the website said we'd just get brunch.

AH the fairytale book IS coming out but it's just taking forever sorry! This is our chinese democracy.