Monday, January 03, 2011

Lunchbreak Painting 1.3.11

It was too nice today to miss an opportunity to paint. This is a quick watercolor I did in my little watercolor moleskine.


MINSYN said...

I wonder how fast can you finish one piece like this? your paintings are amazing and look spontaneously easy for you to produce it.

John-Paul Balmet said...


This painting took around 45 minutes. I had about a half hour lunch, a few minutes for a quick pencil layin, and a little fussing when I got home to get the value separation more distinct between the foreground middle ground and background.

I like to try to spend about an hour on watercolor studies when I can because I feel like I learn more, but if I can get something I'm happy with in half-an-hour, that time limit forces me to focus on big shapes, values and overall composition which is really the most important thing.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jesse Lee said...

jp nice sketches man. lets go paint again sometime.

sheffdog said...

This looks great JP your landscapes are getting better and better!

BTW we miss you here at TW :)