Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rocket Summer: Color Study

This is a small color study (1"x3") in acrylic for the "Rocket Summer" short story scanned from my sketchbook. I tried a few other color studies that went off the rails. I fussed and fought them, and just before the last of my acrylics were left on the palette, I dashed this out in anger with a #8 square tip brush. Age old painting advice states that you should use the biggest brush you can get away with, and with nothing left to lose I think I did better than the other studies that took much longer. This is not really anything but a loose guide for me to base my palette on and group my values. I'm going to move to the final sketch soon, but I still have some kids to design. I may go off and do some full blown designs for them because I keep seeing their faces when I think of them even though the viewer only gets to see their backs.

Oh, and I'm waaaaaaaaaay out of practice with the olde acrylics! Yikes. This will be a challenge, but if it was easy what's the point?!

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