Thursday, June 10, 2010

More iPhone Painting, Reference Gathering

I just went on a trip with my wife and my in-laws to Yosemite last weekend. I love the regenerative power of the place, and by the end of two days there I was refreshed, inspired and ready to get cracking on some work. My Spring season painting stalled out because thematically it seemed sort of like a tired idea to me. Not that I don't want to do the seasonal paintings! I just find that since I do fantasy at work all day, I would like to do something a bit different for myself. I just dove into the Ken Burns documentaries about America's national parks, and that rekindled some old ideas. I'm going to merge them into the season idea, and I think I will have something a bit more interesting.

While in Yosemite I attempted to do an iphone painting on the top of Vernal Falls, one of my favorite places. I could barely see the colors right, even in the shade of a tree...come on Apple, make a strongly contrasting screen with good color that works in the sun! I beat myself up a bit for not just doing a quick watercolor but unfortunately there was only about 10-15 minutes to spare up there so I tried to really quickly knock it out.

The result was poor, but it pushed me to work more in the small format. I actually found that after several more paintings with a few different programs, the Sketchbook Mobile program is actually the best for the super quick mobile phone paintings. The interface seemed slow and unresponsive at first (hence my use of the Brushes app) but it grew on me and now I really like what it can do. Definitely a handy tool on the go. This is a quick one of my wife and my cat Charlie.

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Thanks JP.
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