Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Best of E3

Rift Planes of Telara is featured by the New York Times as one of the Best Games of E3. Very cool! The show went pretty well for Trion with Rift and End of Nations getting some great attention. Also featured is Dead Space 2 which several of my friends over at EA are working on. Awesome guys, keep up the hard work! (I have so say as a side note that the Deus Ex trailer is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while...)

Here are some concepts that appear in the character "Calling" section of the website. The bird woman is an illustration I did using a very similar loose concept that Justin Sweet did for Trion as reference and the two males are original concepts for NPCs.

The screenshot is of the Defiant faction leader Asha Catari who I did the concept for. She was realized in reality at E3 as a booth babe.


Dan Westerman said...

Dude, you are just too cool. Awesome stuff.

Chris Ocampo said...

lookin good jp!

i miss taco thursdays! they're so damn good.

Jesse Lee said...

mad skills! i miss tacos thurs too.

steve hui said...

sick characters!!