Tuesday, March 02, 2010


After the last piece, I got to thinking...the most interesting looking characters of 1984 were really the thought police, at least in my mind. The ruthless enforcers of the INGSOC regime seem to pop up everywhere in one form or another, even outside the novel. Some of my favorite examples are in Terry Gilliam's Brazil with creepy baby-faces and Lucas' THX 1138 with its mask-faced leather clad robot cops.

These are some of the quick sketches I did based on the general feeling from the previous painting. I got off the rails in a few areas, but it's good to push past the boundaries of what works for the source material to see what the limits are. I'm not 100% on any of these but I have a few that I like, and after gathering some reference, I think I'll do a full blown character design. THEN, on to the Spring piece. I actually have stuff to post for that too, but I'm on a 1984 kick, and I might as well ride it out while it's here.

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