Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wind in the Willows

I am currently reading the classic The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame and illustrated by Robert Ingpen (Hardcover). The story is one I have seen in cartoons and in BBC specials, but nothing is as splendid or magical as reading this particular book. Ingpen's illustrations guide my mind just enough while still allowing a great deal of imagination. The print quality is amazing. The story is one of the greatest I have read, and strikes emotional chords that are hard to ignore. I wish I had created it!

I have posted a few different bits of things that I find inspirational lately. Very soon I will get back to posting my own story-based creations. Till then, read this book if you can!

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Meadow Flower Design said...

Wind in the willows is A old story. I remember it from my first years and I am in my seventys. Those were good years for children stories. My mother use to go to bookstores when I was young and they had lots of reading for us.