Sunday, January 24, 2010


I spent time recently experimenting with some medium format film in my Holga camera. The shoddy craftsmanship of the camera (it has a plastic lens!) allows for random color and light pollution. Couple that with multiple exposure, and it's sort of like using blending modes in photoshop to generate randomness between layers. Many of the images are not very useful as photographs, but they sometimes have great accidents that I really like. Sometimes I find bits in the worst of them that spark ideas for illustrations.


Andy Balmet said...

After you took these with your Holga, did you ride around on your fixed gear bike? Cool pictures dude.

Zachary Knoles said...

These are really great. I really love the strange quality you can get from imperfect equipment. I think Polaroid photos are great for the same reason.

abey said...

Great photos!!