Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Waterhouse Master Studies

I'm working on some new things with my painting technique, and this is one of three studies I am doing based on John William Waterhouse's paintings. This one was done in the program Painter, but I will mostly also use Photoshop on one of the studies.


chrystal chan said...

awesome. i LOVE waterhouse. i just bought a great waterhouse book 2? months ago from amazon and this image is on the cover : )

jehan said...

stunning! i hate to ask such an art student question but i just have to... (forgive me!)

...what brushes are you using in painter??

John-Paul Balmet said...

Chrystal, yeah! That's my book too. It's a great resource.

Jehan, I'm actually using mostly custom made brushes. I find that I get a "digital imitating traditional" look with the default oil brushes (there are exceptions...sometimes I will use them here and there.) I also use the chalk brush "large square" for textural work and change the surface paper to get variations. For linework it's the pencil under "2B".

Ariel Alvarez said...

looking good, which version of painter do you use? I heard some are glitchy. I want to try it out.