Saturday, August 22, 2009

Awww Dammit.

You ever have a thing where you have an idea, then you see someone else also had the same idea, but better? Well, for some reason I FAILED to see the blatant similarities between my sketch and the new film District 9. I just saw it, and it was SOOOOO good! Everytime I saw the mothership floating over Johannesburg I thought, "aww dammit." They did such a good job. I don't know if I subconsciously pilfered it, or what, but that idea is a no go. All I can say is, I hope there's a District 10.

I'm still going to work on the story, but the visuals will need a major overhaul. Back to work!


Andy Balmet said...

Distric 9 was pretty sweet. Just think of something cooler. DONE.

jehan said...

yea i did a personal piece recently.. got halfway through painting it, had to leave on vacation and when i came back.. james jean's blog greeted me with my exact composition, subject matter, message and everything.. it was just a heck of a lot better :(

mahendra singh said...

I think the basic visual idea stretches back to Bilal's Nikopol trilogy, the floating pyramids, and probably further back to Swift's Laputa … perhaps even a distorted memory of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

My 1st day in illo class, many years ago, the instructor warned us that nothing we ever did would be truly new, that it's all been done before. I bet they said that at Lascaux also!

Very nice work you're doing!