Saturday, April 18, 2009

View from Eagle Rock at Alum Rock Park

This is a one hour painting from the top of a trail in East San Jose. It was a very nice day and the weather was fine. I just introduced a few new colors to my gouache palette to get a bit more saturation in. California colors are predominantly brown and green right now in the natural areas and normal lighting conditions. I've really admired some of the artists that use colors that "feel right" instead of literally translating the colors of what is really there. I pushed the color in the shadows a lot and the greens in the hill are more saturated. This is just a first attempt, and I'm sure I will find a balance between saturation and subtlety.


Vu said...

That's awesome! I ride my bike up there all the time.

Jesse Lee said...

nice colors, man! i'm looking forward to stretching out my palette too.

well, i went to unversity and they only had acrylic gouache by holbein. i decided not to get any because it can not be re-wetted like the crusty stuff i keep around on my palette.