Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Taskmaster

This is a small sketch for a character in the universe of the Space Captain project I am working on. It took a bit to find him, but I think I am happy with how he feels. Now it's a matter of gathering the appropriate reference to give his design some authenticity and I have to run him through the paces of facial expressions and some poses. I may have to do a small sculpt too.

He is a character that basically keeps the Captain on task. When the captain is not piloting the ship, he often must deal with intergalactic diplomatic relations. Most of the time the problems are menial petty squabbles. This new character is the type who enjoys schedules and order. All things must be addressed and resolved in their designated way. His motto might be, "The ship must run on time!" In short, he's not much fun.

I want him to read a couple of ways at once. I want him to be large and intimidating, while still retaining a sense of "squishiness." I also want there to be a tidbit of elegance and a tinge of danger. Hopefully it all works.



jehan said...

yay! finally new stuff!

very clever use and posing of the 4 hands

Nikki Lukas said...

nicely done! squishy and intimidating, yes.