Sunday, December 07, 2008

Old Truck

This is a quick sketch I did while visiting History Park in San Jose. The place is like a time warp in the middle of the city with a trolly car and an old fashioned ice cream parlor. There are lots of interesting old-timey things to draw and paint there, so I may go back a few more times to get some more sketch time in. This one was a little hurried at the end because the volunteers there were closing the entrances and I was in danger of getting locked in.


Tim Heitz said...

that's a rad sketch dude.

enourmous amounts of character.

And actually--i am tryin to get in to entertainment weekly--i contacted someone last week about the possibility and it's lookin pretty good ;)

Nice guess!

chrystal said...

hey i believe you left out 2 things in this piece. jehan and i har har. i think my finals are ending on the 12th! so lets go apainty!