Monday, May 19, 2008

Fleeting Moments

Here is what I was working on last weekend. I had what was nearly a perfect day on Saturday because I was able to take a bike ride, do some photography, paint, and spend the afternoon with my girlfriend. The only thing that was missing was some jamming on my guitar. The painting was started late in the afternoon/sundown part of the day when the light changes very rapidly. The colors were shifting all over the place, so I did a quick lay-in with pen and gouache, then took a photo so I could work on it a bit more at home. When I looked at the image later, it was very unresolved, but the basics were there, so I just solidified some of "mushy" areas.

The next day, I went to Big Sur with Kristel and found some more rapidly changing environments. The fog was blasting in off the ocean with surprising force, but there were magnificent moments of sunlight that disappeared in a flash. I would have loved to paint the scene, but it was pretty formidable circumstances, and I was not prepared. Perhaps in the future I will make it out on a similar day. I do have some photos to remind me of the fantastic colors of the water and the land until then.


Jesse Lee said...

this sketch rules.

Nigel Li said...

nice stuff man. Glad to hear you got a little free time.

Hows the new place? I'm going to have lunch with nino next week. wanna join us? Im thinking tuesday.

Holla, uhhh, oh, I can bring you a shirt too, let me know which one you like.

jehan said...

the lighting on that tree is sahick!

so real
how is your new gig? tell me all bout it (email?)

check my blog, you're famous! woot

Ariel Alvarez said...

awesome. Love how the pen line is still in it.

rebbaz royee said...

wow, the tree looks awesome jp. how did you get those white whites in the leaves? did you just paint around it or was the guache that opague?

looks great man!

Anonymous said...