Thursday, April 03, 2008

Night Giant

I have been on a traditional kick recently, mostly because I want to change things up from the digital work I do every day. This piece came from no direction in particular. It started out as a free-form brush-pen sketch with black ink. After pushing things around for a while, I became bored and decided to try and experiment with watercolors. First it was a set of three monsters, then it became a landscape painting, then it became a burning castle, and finally the iteration you see here. This final product is loosely based another post I did with a flaming castle. I imagine this is a beast summoned by the victims in the former painting to seek revenge for the destruction of their homes.


Aidan Casserly said...

Nice! The old "Jaws/Alien" theory: the less we see of the beastie, the scarier it blah blah blah. He kind of reminds me of the monster Dave McKean painted on the cover of Buckethead's "Monsters and Robots" album. Maybe it's just the feel of that good ol' paint, but it almost feels like he's a gaseous/ethereal entity; a ghost monster? Toxic fog? Psychic energy? Paint fumes?

chrystal said...

this is awesome~ even more awesome cause it looks good big and small~confusing!

Brenoch Adams said...

this piece should be titled "what lies inside the The Drink". Nice JP.