Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beasts of Neptune Line Art

Here is the line drawing for a piece I said I would do a while back. This is a companion piece to the attack ship painting. I wanted to depict the first meeting the ship had with the large methane feeders that cruise the foggy atmosphere. These creatures are not aggressive, but I wanted them to feel intimidating none the less. I will do a painting on top of this in photoshop.


Kristel said...

I love this! I especially love the ones with their mouths closed.. like wrinkly whales.

Aidan Casserly said...

I think whales would actually be a fine reference; granted, they're not as bizarre or 'alien-like' as other sea creatures (those deep-sea critters with the glowing lights and gaping maws), but they show a lot more personality in their faces. I see you've added some prominent eyes to your revised creatures and it's working quite well. Depending on how much personality we're supposed to be seeing in strange extraterrestrials (a lot, a little, none, it's all good), I think these are looking really good. One more recommendation: some of these guys kind of remind me of a Godzilla monster named Oruga (from Godzilla:2000), namely the expandable mouth. Check out some pictures on-line (or go watch the movie) for a possible inspiration. Nice work as always, Jay-Pee!