Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Triceratops Rider

Earlier I posted an image of a triceratops entering a cave through a gateway of bones. On top of the triceratops was a very small character who was the "rider." Very early on I wanted to explore this character in-depth, but never got around to. Here is a design I have done for the rider along with some ideations that helped lead up to the final idea. With this character I wanted the tough chunkiness that I associate with a triceratops, and I wanted to also include the horn/spike element also present in that animal. There are some elements in the design that I intentionally created in three's to reflect the three horns...essentially the "tri" in triceratops. There will be more in this vein coming soon, along with a colored version of the rider.


Andy Balmet said...


Dan Westerman said...

Very cool. I was really intrigued by your picture of this guy riding the triceratops; it was one of my favorite things I've seen on here. Keep up the coolness brotha man.

Jens Holdener said...

Dude. This came out great. After you paint it up on that triceratops, its gonna be badass.