Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Red Bull Gives You Wings

This was for a blog for school friends. Barbarians and Fairies was the topic. I figured I would just do both.


Dan Westerman said...

Awesome. Totally awesome.

Sid said...

Hi Jp,
I thought this was really funny the first time I saw it. He looks and feels hardcore but he has fairy wings. I really like the loose but solid feel of the piece.
Did you go to Jehan's Zombie Show?
How was it?

See ya,

oh and
Thanks for the comments.
It was weird having a one night show.

Nigel Li said...

I started on a Batman sketch for you. I will have it done in a few days. Youre gonna like this one.

jlee said...

doin the bulldance. feelin' the flow. workin......workin.

Adam_Pintek said...

HAHA! that is aweSome!
rock on mr. J to the P

Nigel Li said...

what up. fo sure man, shm b-ball team would dominate. and yes, i will visit your spot on friday to dropoff the bat man!

Sarita Kolhatkar said...

What's up JP?

I thought I'd share something funny with you - I hear you like MIA! Here is the video that her song "Jimmy" was based on. It's from an old Bollywood flick called "Disco Dancer" - lol, enjoy!